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Your AV Roadmap

You are important.
Your experience at work matters.
Your voice is heard.

Ambulance Victoria’s Safe Fair Inclusive: Your AV Roadmap 2022-27 (6MB PDF) is our plan to create a safe, fair and inclusive workplace that works for our people.

It is based on the experiences and views you shared about the state of equality in the organisation – what we’re doing well, but, importantly, what we haven’t done well.

The Roadmap sets out how we plan to transform our organisation through implementing 43 recommendations from the Commission that we accepted in full.

Your AV Roadmap Safe Fair Inclusive: Your AV Roadmap 2022-27 (6MB PDF)

The work for the next five years will be delivered under five key focus areas:

  • Safety
  • Leadership development and values
  • Governance and accountability
  • Flexibility, diversity and inclusion
  • Complaints

Follow our progress in real time and learn more about how we are implementing the 43 recommendations.