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Ambulance Victoria (AV) Auxiliaries have a proud history that dates back more than 100 years. The first Ambulance Auxiliary was established in Maryborough and we now have approximately 400 volunteers across more than 40 locations throughout Victoria.

Auxiliary members are part of an extremely important group of volunteers who have, in many instances, been the primary motivators and shouldered the responsibility for their local communities to obtain an ambulance service.

Ambulance Victoria Auxiliaries have maintained their commitment and support for an extraordinary number of years. Their sense of community and passion for their local area enable them to make significant contributions over and above government grants which is truly appreciated by AV.

Successful fundraising activities held by our dedicated volunteers have raised much needed funds that have provided our paramedics with new equipment and branches in regional areas, patient transfer stations and elite training which continues to improve the skills of our committed paramedic workforce.

Ambulance Victoria is proud of the successes that our past and present volunteers have worked so hard to achieve.

You can donate directly to an AV Auxiliary of your choice by downloading the donation form, completing the required information and returning it to

Joining an AV Auxiliary

With over 40 AV Auxiliaries across regional Victoria fundraising and advocating within their local communities, all support is welcome.

When volunteering on an AV Auxiliary committee in Victoria, people experience new challenges, a deep sense of purpose and genuine involvement in their community. Each volunteer contributes to the successful service provided by paramedics, Community Emergency Response Teams and Ambulance Community Officers across Victoria.

AV Auxiliary volunteers are ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Their work assists in creating change in areas that are important, by providing much needed medical equipment and playing a vital role in ensuring ongoing community engagement on behalf of AV.

To find out what locations currently have active Auxiliary committees please contact a member of Ambulance Victoria’s Community Fundraising Team on 1300 566 435.

Establishing an AV Auxiliary

There are many locations across Victoria that can benefit from the establishment of new Ambulance Auxiliaries, not only in regional areas but also metropolitan locations.

Ambulance Victoria encourages community members and staff that are interested in establishing an AV Auxiliary to contact our Community Fundraising team on 1300 566 435 to discuss.