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Community Advisory Committee

The Community Advisory Committee (CAC) is appointed by the Ambulance Victoria Board to ensure the voices of all Victorian communities are heard, understood and integrated across the work and services of Ambulance Victoria (AV).

  • Members are our communities’ advocates, and their experience and contributions are highly valued by the Board and the organisation.
  • Members advise the Board on issues directly impacting the community, to ensure all Victorians have equitable access to safe, effective and timely care – regardless of where they live or who they are. They also provide guidance on community needs and impacts when AV changes policies or services, and how we can improve our community planning and engagement.
  • The Committee participates in AV’s strategic planning for the future, and annually reports to the Board on how well we have delivered against our Consumer and Community Engagement Plan.
  • Members provide AV with advice on the needs of our more disadvantaged and/or difficult to reach community members, including but not limited to:
    • rural and regional Victorian communities
    • culturally and linguistically diverse groups, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, the homeless, refugees, those impacted by domestic or family violence etc
    • groups who may find it difficult to communicate with paramedics as part of their care experience, or who have special access needs either in their own homes or within our ambulances
    • the Committee is also a key participant in AV’s strategic planning

“…The Committee is a valued forum through which its members and AV are held to account for ensuring the needs and experiences of communities are understood and respected…it ensures a community diversity lens is considered in AVs strategies and planning.” – Colleen Furlanetto OAM, CAC Chair, AV Board Member

An opportunity now exists to join the CAC. To find out more:


Ambulance Victoria Community and Consumer Plan 2020 – 2022

The Ambulance Victoria Community and Consumer Engagement Plan recognises that shared leadership and action by our organisation and the community is needed to deliver the Best Care to the Victorian community. We want to continue to be an organisation that actively listens to our community and consumers about how we can best serve them and work with them.

This Plan provides a roadmap for the activities we are committed to delivering in partnership with the community. They include the establishment of a Consumer Register and the expansion of the Heart Safe Communities initiative, a program that develops people’s confidence, knowledge and skills to take lifesaving action when someone is in cardiac arrest.

Ambulance Victoria Community and Consumer Plan 2020 – 2022

Voices of our Community

Ambulance Victoria is an emergency service that prides itself on giving our patients the right care at the right place at the right time. Community feedback can help us improve the service we provide you and your community, and in turn, your participation in an emergency may help save someone’s life.

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Community & Partnership

Ambulance Victoria works as part of our communities to deliver local emergency health care solutions, collaborating with community organisations and partners to improve health outcomes.

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Our Volunteers

Ambulance Victoria is supported by thousands of volunteers in rural and remote areas.

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Our Education

Community Education aims to build community capacity to respond to a health emergency and enhance the community’s understanding of the value of Ambulance Victoria.

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