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Strategic Plan 2023-2028

Ambulance Victoria (AV) is working hard to ensure that we build a safe, fair and inclusive workplace, and that we continue to provide exceptional care to the community. Fundamental to our progression as an organisation is our Strategic Plan 2023-2028 which sets out our organisational vision and objectives.

The Strategic Plan, along with our Values, will guide our decisions and actions. It will clarify our role in the Victorian health system, give us clear focus, and help us prioritise all that we do, including resourcing and funding.

The Strategic Plan for 2023-2028 has now been released following approval from the Minister of Ambulance Services.

Thank-you for your input

Throughout development of the Strategic Plan and associated delivery documents, the Strategic Planning team received a huge amount of input, feedback and advice from both internal and external stakeholders. This input has helped to shape the plan and drawn attention to many of the priority areas to be addressed.

Where we have come from

2017-2022 was AV’s first Strategic Plan “Outstanding emergency healthcare every time”. Under the guidance of that Strategic Plan, AV has delivered and embedded a number of positive changes. COVID-19 put a lot of pressure on AV, but our people continued to deliver positive outcomes for the community. Over the last three years, our people have gone above and beyond to support our communities, responded to the challenges of our operating environment, and adapted to new ways of working while remaining focused on Best Care and patient outcomes.

Current Context

AV is operating in a health system that is under significant pressure with high demand and challenges with Emergency Department availability. We are seeing growing demand, changing demographics and more complex health needs across our communities. AV also has internal challenges with our culture and workload; however AV continues to provide a high-quality service to our patients that we are proud of.

About AV’s Strategic Plan

The Ambulance Victoria Strategic Plan 2023-2028 sets an ambitious but important vision, that by 2028 we will be a world-leading ambulance service in terms of our people’s experience, patient health outcomes, the impact we make and our connection to each other, our partners and the broader health system.

With this in mind, our Plan is based on the four pillars of People, Patients, Impact and Connection – supported by enablers of innovation, digital, research and sustainability.



  • Underpinning our People pillar is our commitment to creating a safe, fair and inclusive workplace, where our people thrive because they feel engaged, valued and well – and with our commitment to inclusion and diversity, our people are as diverse as the community we support.
  • Our highly skilled paramedics, dedicated corporate teams and our first responders, work side by side and with an interdependency on each other.
  • Our strategy recognises the importance of supporting all of our people by creating a positive workplace culture where values-driven leadership empowers our people to learn and strive to be their very best.


  • Our Patient pillar will see us continue to provide Best Care to our community, recognising the individual needs of each patient we care for, advancing our clinical standards through research and clinical trials, responding to the changing needs of our patients and community, and working closely with our trusted partners.
  • Through our strategy we will continue to improve access and health outcomes for all Victorians, including First Nations people, rural communities, and those with complex and chronic illnesses.


  • An efficient organisation with a sustainable footprint is behind our Impact pillar. We will become a digitally enabled health service, leveraging new technology and streamlining our systems to improve the experiences of both our people and our patients.


  • Our interconnectedness to each other and the broader healthcare system will be showcased by our Connection pillar.
  • We will continue to work well within our organisation, collaborate and forge strong and lasting connections with our partners, and engage and empower our community.

Our Plan is unashamedly ambitious and will challenge us to do things differently, address the challenges and embrace the opportunities. It is full of promise and sets out a clear path for AV as we transform for better.

View or download the full version of our Plan

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