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Ambulance Victoria is funded through a combination of membership fees, money raised through patient transport services, donations and government funding.

You can choose to make a single gift to an Auxiliary, Branch, Region, Department or general donation to Ambulance Victoria. Donations help increase our ability to provide specialised equipment, resources and additional paramedic training so we can continue to provide the Victorian community with the best pre-hospital emergency treatment.  Click the below button to find out more.

Make a general donation online to Ambulance Victoria. You can also donate directly to an Ambulance Branch, Auxiliary, Region or Department of your choice over the phone or by downloading and returning a completed donation form.

Donation Options


1300 566 435


Ambulance Victoria Community Fundraising Office
375 Manningham Road
Doncaster VIC 3108


Donations to Ambulance Victoria of $2 and greater are tax deductible so please include your full name and return address for an official tax receipt.

Thank you for your contribution. Your generosity will ensure that the best possible care and treatment will be available to your loved ones when they need it most.