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Patient charter

Our commitment to you

We are committed to providing the best care for you or your loved ones every time you need us. We listen and we take steps to understand what you need when you dial 000. We want you to feel cared for and safe. We want you to know you can ask questions and that you’re in the best hands from the moment you’re in our care. We’re committed to learning from the feedback you provide us about your experiences with our services and people, and to making changes that help improve the way we work and care for you.

What you can expect


  • Health care that meets your needs


  • Receive safe care that meets national standards
  • Be cared for in a way that makes you feel safe


  • Be treated with respect, dignity and kindness
  • Have your culture, identity, beliefs and choices recognised and respected


  • Be involved in decisions about your care, to the extent that you want to
  • Have the people that you want included in your care



  • Be provided with clear information about your condition and treatments
  • Be given assistance, if you need it, to help you to understand information
  • Request access to our health information


  • Have your personal privacy respected
  • Have information about you and your health kept secure and confidential

Give feedback

  • Provide feedback or make a complaint about your experience
  • Have your concerns addressed in a transparent and timely way

How you can assist

  • Treat staff with respect
  • Participate in your care decisions
  • Share information to assist in your care


  • Provide feedback about your experience
  • Become an AV member to avoid ambulance cost

Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights.

The Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights describes the rights that you, or someone you care for, can expect when receiving healthcare. For further information and to access The Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights in other languages, as an Auslan video, in Easy English, or in braille please click here.

You can download a PDF copy of the Ambulance Victoria Patient Charter.

Acknowledgement of Traditional Custodians

Ambulance Victoria respectfully acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the land throughout Victoria and acknowledge their ancestors and elders, both past and present. We commit to working with our Aboriginal communities to improve our care and services in the spirit of partnership.