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A safe, fair and inclusive workplace

Ambulance Victoria (AV) is working toward our shared vision of a safe, fair and inclusive workplace.

We will create a safer place for our people to work and volunteer, and a more progressive and capable workplace where our people thrive. We will also deliver a better service for our patients and our community.

In July 2022 we released Safe Fair Inclusive: Your AV Roadmap 2022-27, our official response to the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission’s independent review of Ambulance Victoria.

In late 2020, Board Chair Ken Lay AO APM and CEO Prof. Tony Walker ASM engaged the Commission to conduct an independent review and in March 2022 the Commission published its full report and framework.

As a result of our people’s stories and experiences, together with the Commission’s expertise, we now have a deep understanding of what we need to do to create an Ambulance Victoria that is safe, fair and inclusive for everyone.

AV accepted all 43 of the Commission’s recommendations, and our work to implement them is well underway.

Your AV Roadmap

Read Safe Fair Inclusive: Your AV Roadmap 2022-27 to find out how we are driving and prioritising the reforms needed over the next five years.

Recommendation progress

Follow our progress in real time and learn more about how we are implementing the 43 recommendations.


If you have any questions or feedback about our equality and workplace reform program, please email