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Recommendation 20: Understanding how the report and complaint system is working

The recommendation

Ambulance Victoria should establish agreed benchmarks to measure the performance of its report and complaint system that include:

  1. timelines for key steps and actions in the report and complaint process, including:
    1. acknowledgment of receipt
    2. resolution of ‘simple’ reports or complaints
    3. resolution of urgent or priority reports or complaints
    4. trigger points for notification of delays
  2. satisfaction of the report and complaint process and outcomes for those involved (including complainants, respondents and witnesses)
  3. quality measurements, such as the ease of using the report and complaint system, the fairness of the process and the clarity of communication.

In establishing these benchmarks, Ambulance Victoria should, with the assistance of the Department of Health, seek to consult with and, where possible, agree on common benchmarks to measure performance throughout the health sector.

What we are doing

  • Establish agreed benchmarks to measure the performance of the new report and complaint model
  • Seek to agree common benchmarks to measure performance across the health sector

Where we are up to


  • Ambulance Victoria has been researching leading qualitative and quantitative measures so we can assess whether the Professional Standards & Behaviours Department is responding effectively to complaints and be transparent about what we learn. As part of this research, we sought and received expert advice from the Victorian Equal Opportunity & Human Rights Commission on leading qualitative measures, and have researched how leading practice organisations are supporting transparency and rebuilding trust by reporting publicly on complaint data. Once settled, we intend to share these measures publicly, including with the workforce, and plan to report annually against the measures in our Your AV Impact Report.


  • AV will start work to better understand how the report and complaint system is working system once key staff are recruited and other foundational work is progressed.


Q1 FY 24

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