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Recommendation 19: Supporting transparency and developing learning tools

The recommendation

Ambulance Victoria should:

  1. regularly create and publish de-identified case studies of the outcomes of reports and complaints, to create better understanding among the workforce of the steps it takes to address unlawful and harmful workplace conduct and as learning tools to educate all employees and first responders on acceptable standards of behaviour
  2. regularly publish information about the performance and complaint system against the benchmarks recommended (see Recommendation 20) to the workforce and public.

What we are doing

  • Regularly create and publish de-identified case studies of the outcomes of reports and complaints
  • Regularly publish de-identified performance data on the report and complaints model against agreed benchmarks (R20)

Where we are up to


In April 2024 Ambulance Victoria published the inaugural quarterly edition of the Performance and Insights Report to its workforce. The report contains data about the report and complaint system, including baseline data against agreed performance measures and was promoted across various internal channels. Ambulance Victoria will continue to collect data against indicative performance measures over the next 12 months, which will be used, together with consultation across the health sector, to establish evidence-based performance benchmarks in April 2025. Ambulance Victoria plans to continue to produce quarterly reports to the AV workforce. Once performance benchmarks are approved, Ambulance Victoria will report to the public annually against these performance benchmarks in the AV Annual Report.

Ambulance Victoria is advancing the development of case studies of the outcomes of reports and complaints to enhance the workforce’s understanding of the report and complaint system, and drive behaviour change. This is being done carefully to ensure confidentiality is maintained and ensuring a person-centred and trauma-informed approach.


Ambulance Victoria has researched and developed baseline quantitative and quality measures to assess the performance of its report and complaint system. Baseline measures will be implemented and monitored over the coming months to inform agreed benchmarks. Once established, AV intends to share these measures publicly, and with the workforce. AV plans to report annually against these measures in the Your AV Impact report.


  • Ambulance Victoria has been researching leading qualitative and quantitative measures so we can assess whether the Professional Standards & Behaviours Department is responding effectively to complaints and be transparent about what we learn. As part of this research, we sought and received expert advice from the Victorian Equal Opportunity & Human Rights Commission on leading qualitative measures and have researched how leading practice organisations are supporting transparency and rebuilding trust by reporting publicly on complaint data. Once settled, we intend to share these measures publicly, including with the workforce, and plan to report annually against the measures in our Your AV Impact Report. As part of this process, careful consideration is being given to the identification, development and publication of de-identified case studies of the outcomes of complaints, to support better understanding among the workforce of steps the organisation is taking to address harmful conduct.


  • AV has begun identifying and preparing de-identified case studies, to promote transparency around complaint outcomes and continued learning in relation to acceptable and unacceptable workplace behaviour.
  • AV has begun developing a procedure that details how we will identify and share case studies, while also safeguarding the privacy and confidentiality of people affected by individual reports or complaints.


Q1 FY25

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