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Recommendation 15: Supporting staff to confidently report through anonymous pathways


The recommendation

Ambulance Victoria should introduce internal and external anonymous reporting pathways and communicate and promote these avenues to staff within three months of the publication of Volume I of the final report.

What we are doing

  • Engage appropriate provider to set up and administer anonymous reporting pathways for staff
  • Set up anonymous reporting pathways into new report and complaints system
  • Promote internal and external anonymous reporting pathways

Where we are up to


Ambulance Victoria has launched Ambulance Victoria SpeakUp, an independent report and complaint service, where employees and volunteers can choose to remain anonymous. The service is provided by an external specialist provider and helps to remove barriers to reporting. The new service has been promoted to AV employees and volunteers via key internal communication channels.


  • We have engaged a provider to develop and administer the anonymous reporting tool. AV is currently developing an implementation plan to integrate the anonymous reporting tool into the PSBD operational model so that we can appropriately respond to anonymous reports. The anonymous reporting hotline is expected to be operational towards the mid-year 2023, in line with the establishment of the PSBD.​


  • Ambulance Victoria has engaged an expert provider to establish and administer a comprehensive anonymous reporting tool so our people can raise concerns about harmful workplace conduct without identifying themselves. This tool is in development in line with Ambulance Victoria’s requirements and is expected to be in place in Q1 2023.


  • AV has identified the critical elements of leading practice anonymous reporting tools that offer employees and volunteers a victim-centred and trauma-informed approach to reporting unlawful and harmful workplace conduct. This has included considering expert advice provided by the Victorian Equal Opportunity & Human Rights Commission on 2 June 2022.
  • In mid-2022, AV met with different providers of anonymous reporting tools to understand the nature, scope and operation of their tools and determine whether those tools can effectively meet our requirements. These tools are currently under consideration.


Q4 FY23

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