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Recommendation 39: Fully embedding workplace safety and equality in risk management and health and safety systems

The recommendation

Ambulance Victoria – led by its Board – should review, further develop and use its risk management and health and safety systems to:

  1. ensure the drivers of workplace harm identified in this review are identified, visible and escalated at an enterprise level
  2. reduce the risks to workplace equality and safety and enable continuous improvement.

What we are doing

  • Review independent risk management framework and maturity assessment report on AV
  • Define identified drivers of unlawful and harmful workplace conduct and undertake a thorough assessment through a risk lens, building on historical and contemporary data (considering linkages to the prevention plan)
  • Identify and diversify data sources to enable effective monitoring of relevant enterprise risks
  • Review and unpack relevant enterprise risks and develop an appropriate risk profile
  • Finalise the risk registrar and risk treatment plans for the Equality & Workplace Reform program
  • Clearly communicate Board risk appetite and indicators relating to workplace equality
  • Ongoing risk monitoring, analysis and reporting
  • Assess current health and safety system, in consultation with key internal and external partners and having regard to prior assessments
  • Develop an implementation plan to address any identified gaps and, once endorsed, implement changes
  • Prepare supporting materials and collateral and train relevant groups

Where we are up to


  • AV has developed a risk register and risk treatment plans for the Equality & Workplace Reform work program and, in July 2022, submitted the register to the Board for noting. An immediate review of the register and treatment plans are planned after staff in the Equality & Workplace Reform Division are recruited.
  • Further work will take place once key staff are recruited.


To be confirmed

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