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Asha’s Story

A bee sting can hurt and in some cases is life threatening. Having Ambulance Victoria Membership takes the sting out of the cost of requiring Ambulance assistance.

One day as I was cleaning my house I got stung. It just flew in through my kitchen window, a most unexpected visitor. Though it was painful, I pulled out the sting and continued with my chores.

Within five minutes I knew something was not quite right and, being a training coordinator, I was well aware of anaphylactic attacks. I just managed to tell my daughter to call the ambulance before I collapsed on the floor.

They arrived in five minutes and took good care of me. I was rushed to Monash emergency where I was attended to.

When I migrated to Victoria, I was not aware that ambulance services could cost so much money and did not know about Ambulance Victoria membership. Membership is so cheap I’d recommend all migrants, in fact all Victorians, should have it.

Being with Ambulance Victoria has brought me a lot of peace of mind. The expenses for that day would have been a shock.

What Are You Waiting For?

Ambulance Victoria membership ensures you are fully covered should you need to access ambulance services Australia-wide.

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