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Angus’ smart decision before heading off on a camping and snowboarding trip with friends saved him from a great deal of financial pain.

I got ambulance cover just before heading off with my mates on a snowboarding trip to Mt Buller. I had been thinking about cover and thought I’d be unlikely to need it but had a few minutes free so opened my laptop and joined online in the car park of the campsite.  It took me five minutes and was really easy and really cheap…especially compared to the other ski field costs. We had a great weekend but my trip ended abruptly when I ran out of talent, came off a jump and broke three ribs and collapsed a lung.

I ended up in an air ambulance helicopter to the Royal Melbourne.  The trip in the air ambulance would have cost me $7,500 but I didn’t even see a bill. I could have had two lifetimes worth of cover and still been ahead.  The fall certainly caused me a lot of pain but I’m fully recovered now and it’s a great relief that I don’t have to deal with a huge bill on top of everything else.  I’ve recommended it to all my mates and they can’t believe how cheap it is for what you get…cheaper than a slab and lasts a full year!

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