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There are frequently asked questions that we receive regarding the app, essential information regarding how to use it and how we use your essential information.

About the App

GoodSAM is a free global smartphone app that connects people in cardiac arrest with first aid qualified responders to provide critical help while emergency services are on the way.

When a Triple Zero (000) call is made the lifesaving GoodSAM app alerts you when people are in cardiac arrest.

First aid trained professionals are invited to join Victoria’s community of trusted responders, which includes off-duty paramedics. The app is integrated with the 000 call dispatch system, which allows AV to alert registered responders via their smartphone and give them the opportunity to respond.

When a cardiac arrest emergency call is made to 000, the GoodSAM app alerts up to three nearby responders to the incident, providing the location of the patient and the known closest accessible AED. GoodSAM asks the responder to attend to provide immediate CPR and defibrillation. An emergency ambulance will always be dispatched at the same time.

Absolutely! Downloading the GoodSAM app and becoming a trusted responder is completely voluntary.

The app was developed and is in use in the United Kingdom as well as in New Zealand, India, USA, Brazil, South Africa and other parts of Australia. More than 32,000 notifications have been sent to GoodSAM responders worldwide.

Registering an AED is the mandate of the owner, and is not a measure that the GoodSAM program can enforce. As a supporter of GoodSAM, we appreciate all efforts you make to spread the word about this lifesaving app, though, some people will, of course, be hesitant to engage in a program they may not have heard of.

You can try directing them to our website so they can get a deeper understanding of the importance of registering an AED.

App User Guide

You will only be asked to attend a cardiac arrest when CPR and the use of a defibrillator is likely to improve the patient’s outcome. For safety and operational reasons, AV excludes some cases from GoodSAM or may send you a cancellation message when you’re on the way to a patient. For your safety, always follow these instructions.

Yes. In Victoria, 74% of cardiac arrests occur within the home, so the app will alert you to cardiac arrest patients in private residences.

No. GoodSAM will only alert you to patients where information from the Triple Zero (000) caller indicates someone is in cardiac arrest.

You will be alerted if you are one of the three closest responders to a patient:

  • Within 400 metres in built-up areas (eg a metropolitan area, regional city or township)
  • Within five (5) kilometres in a rural area

If you log out of the app, you won’t receive alerts until you login again. Also, if you close the app (i.e. don’t leave it running in the background), , or miss a response happening nearby.

Each ambulance service can select the groups they alert to cases. GoodSAM responders may be alerted to a nearby cardiac arrest when travelling interstate or overseas if the app is used in that region and you have an active data connection.

If you are one of the three closest responders to the patient, your phone will sound a siren notification. Note if your phone is on silent or ‘do not disturb’ mode is active, you may not receive an audible alert.

No, accepting a GoodSAM alert is voluntary, based on your circumstances at the time. If you are unavailable, impaired by alcohol or medication, or suffering from any health conditions, you should decline the alert.

If you decline or do not respond, GoodSAM will seek to notify the next closest trusted responder.

Registering with the GoodSAM app


As the GoodSAM Responder program expands, we receive a lot of registrations. Once you have verified your email (be sure to check your spam folder), we will be able to process your registration. To ensure the qualifications and identity of our Responders we do manually verify each one individually. You can check the progress of your registration at any time by logging into the portal at www.goodsamapp.org

The most common reason for this issue is an incorrect AHPRA registration number or an ID photo that is unclear. If you think that you have addressed these issues but the problem persists, please email ops@goodsamapp.org

Remember to ensure you have downloaded the GoodSAM Responder app (not the Alerter app) as this can also prevent a successful registration.

GoodSAM Responder registration is open to all AHPRA registered health professionals, including Registered paramedics whether employed or not. As of the 4 July, the GoodSAM Responder program was officially opened to adults with a recognised first-aid qualification.

If you’ve previously worked for us as a health professional, and are keen to be involved, you can get in touch with the team directly at goodsam@ambulance.vic.gov.au

All apps, which require verification, need to access your media in order to certify your photo ID. Your camera, photos and media are used in the initial set-up of your account.

GoodSAM needs to access and store your photo ID and any other documents to verify who you are. The app also accesses relevant files so it can recognise and remember your GoodSAM settings and preferences on your device.

Trusted Responders

A trusted responder is an appropriately qualified person who has been verified by their organisation and/or AV to undertake GoodSAM response activity.

First aid training is the successful completion and awarding of one of the below nationally recognised units of competency issued by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO):

  • HLTAID001 – Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
  • HLTAID002 – Provide Basic Emergency Life Support
  • HLTAID003 – Provide First Aid
  • HLTAID005 – Provide First Aid in Remote Situations
  • HLTAID006 – Provide Advanced First Aid
  • HLTAID007 – Provide Advanced Resuscitation
  • HLTAMB008 – Assess and Deliver Standard Clinical Care

Health professionals registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) are also eligible to register as trusted responders.

Importantly, you must only provide care to a patient within the scope of your assessed competency.

When you register with GoodSAM, the information you provide about yourself to AV is stored and accessed in accordance with AV’s Privacy Policy, available from ambulance.vic.gov.au

AV may use your information to contact you in relation to your involvement in GoodSAM, including updates on program activity and to provide follow up information and support in the days after any responses you participate in.

AV may also provide information relating to you and your involvement in the program to the partner organisation you sign up with to be part of GoodSAM.

If your personal details change, please use the app to update your information.

If you cease involvement with the organisation you signed up with, please update your GoodSAM profile with your new organisation name (or choose GoodSAM if it’s not listed) or contact the AV GoodSAM team using the details at the end of this document.

If you no longer wish to be registered as a trusted responder, simply delete the app from your phone and email
goodsam@ambulance.vic.gov.au to advise the GoodSAM team at AV.


Equipment & life-support skills: the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) is recommended with any patient contact so AV recommends any first aid kit or AED should include basic PPE including disposable gloves and barrier masks.If these items are not available, the most important thing you can do is go directly to the patient and provide compression-only CPR if needed.

Introduce yourself: reassure any bystanders that an ambulance is on the way and that you’ve been called to assist.
For example, this could be done as follows: “My name’s John and I’m a first aider. Triple Zero have told me that someone here needed immediate help. Can I help you while they’re on the way?”
If you’re unable to gain cooperation from bystanders or family members, use your professional judgement and don’t put yourself at risk.

If you have gained the cooperation of bystanders or family members, assess the person who needs help. Remain calm and deliver the care that you have learned from you first-aid or medical training. Remember, emergency services are on the way and if at any time you feel that your safety could be compromised, leave the premises.

When AV paramedics or emergency services arrive, you must handover care of the patient to them.

Let paramedics know how you found the patient (for example, lying on the floor, not breathing) and what you have done to care for them. You may be asked to continue to assist with resuscitation efforts until further crews arrive.

GoodSAM Responders are only sent to cases where early CPR or use of an AED are likely to make a big difference. All of these cases are monitored by our 24hr Control Centre and will always be backed by the highest level of clinical response the organisation can muster. If there is any report of violence or other safety issues an alert won’t be sent. If more information comes in and we suspect any safety issues the alert will be cancelled immediately.

Responders have no obligation to go to any scene or look after any person if they don’t feel safe. The app provides the capacity for the Responder to cancel or refuse a notification.


If you have a question that’s not answered here, or you need more information or support, the AV GoodSAM team can be contacted during regular business hours:

Email: info@goodsamapp.org

You can check the progress of your registration at any time by logging into the portal at www.goodsamapp.org

For registration support or assistance to use the GoodSAM app please email: info@goodsamapp.org

For general enquiries about the GoodSAM project in Victoria, or to provide feedback please email goodsam@ambulance.vic.gov.au


You may also wish to download a PDF version of the FAQs here.

More information

If you’d like to find out more about GoodSAM or share information about GoodSAM with your friends and family, please visit ambulance.vic.gov.au/goodsam

If you have a question that’s not answered here, or you need more information or support, the AV GoodSAM team can be contacted during regular business hours:

Email: info@goodsamapp.org

You can check the progress of your registration at any time by logging into the portal at: www.goodsamapp.org

For registration support or assistance to use the GoodSAM app please email: info@goodsamapp.org

For general enquiries about the GoodSAM project in Victoria, or to provide feedback please email: goodsam@ambulance.vic.gov.au