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Virtual care helps local Ballan family

December 14, 2023 | in Community News

A Ballan mum was able to get timely care for her son at home through the Victorian Virtual Emergency Department (VVED) earlier this year, saving her a trip to hospital.

When she was unable to get into any local doctors, Jess Rae thought there was no way of getting medical assistance for her son’s infected finger, however, it was her work colleagues who reminded her of the free online service.

Jess said she was shocked at how easy the process was, with the consultation and script all completed within 40 minutes.

“It was so easy. I physically couldn’t get in anywhere … VVED saved me,” she said.

Luckily for Jess, her colleagues had been speaking with Ambulance Victoria paramedic Hannah Zerna only days earlier about the alternative care options available within the area.

“People aren’t often aware that there is an easy-to-use alternative care option that they can access from the comfort of their own home if it is not a life-threatening emergency,” she said.

“I had been speaking to members of the community including small businesses, primary schools and cafes to help encourage people to use these alternative services, and fortunately one of those was The Tin Plate where Jess works.

“She told me later that her colleagues suggested she try VVED and now she recommends it to everyone.”

The VVED is a video-based health care service run by Northern Health and AV and provides free, 24/7 urgent medical assistance in your own home.

Anyone in Victoria with a mobile device and an internet connection can access the service.

VVED staff can arrange referrals and provide a follow-up care plan. If your situation requires urgent treatment, staff will advise you to make your way to a hospital or call an ambulance for you.

The VVED uses interpreters when required, who can ensure access for anyone, regardless of ethnicity and the ability to speak English.

For non-emergency cases, you can get help through:

  • Nurse on Call (24/7)
  • VVED
  • Priority Primary Care Centres
  • Better Health Channel

Local GPs and Pharmacies