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You can now access the AV Intranet from home. This will give you access to the applications that were previously available on this page and more.

This means that you can access the intranet from any device outside of the AV network which includes any Phone, Laptop or personal computer just by following the simple steps below.

Simply visit: and login with your AV email address and password.

There will be some applications  on the Intranet not available from home these may be updated in the future, however you will have access to the news feeds, bulletins and some widely used applications. We will continue to develop the Intranet for the benefit of all Staff and keep you up to date as improvements are made.

For more details on logging in and what is available please read the attached Intranet from Home User Guide.

If you have any issues please contact the Service Desk.

Associated Web Sites

The Retired Ambulance Association is open to all former employees of any Ambulance service in Victoria. Visit the Retired Ambulance Association web site for more details.

Our history is something very special, and something we should all be proud of. Over the past 30 years, a small group of mostly retired former ambulance officers and paramedics has worked tirelessly to keep our history alive, and a fabulous collection can be found at the Ambulance Victoria Museum. Visit the new Ambulance Victoria Museum web site for more information.