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Maurice’s Story

Maurice loves riding his bike and being outdoor with friends. One day, out on a bike ride as normal, he suffered a cardiac arrest.

I love my job, I love my family and I love my bike riding. I started cycling because I just love to get out. I wanted to get a bit healthy, I wanted to be out with my mates.

We were out on our usual bike ride, chasing up a hill as we do as we’re a little competitive. I was just at the top of the hill and I passed out from a cardiac arrest. I fell over, broke my collarbone and stopped breathing.

I was told that an off-duty paramedic stopped and started administering CPR. My mates then called the ambulance and Ambulance Victoria arrived within three to five minutes and worked on me before restarting my heart. Four days later I woke up in intensive care.

Ambulance Victoria are amongst the best in the world at saving lives. I’m living proof.

I’ve been a member for 30 years, and I’ll stay a member for life!

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