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Our People

Showcasing the many different people who encompass our organisation

Meet Jenna Kelley

After noticing several Hard of Hearing (HoH) patients were finding it difficult to lip read and interact with staff wearing PPE, Jenna started the initiative AV Healthy Signs. Healthy Signs encourages employees to learn Auslan, sign language used predominantly across Australia, greatly improving interactions between paramedics and patients.

During COVID-19, HoH patients have been at risk of misunderstanding paramedic’s communications, and at a greater risk of experiencing stress, worry, and anxiety due to not always being able to understand what is going on or what is being said. The use of masks, although a source of protection for both patients and paramedics, creates a barrier to effective communication.

AV Healthy Signs is a collaboration between AV and an external Auslan organisation. “There’s been a fantastic uptake” according to Jenna, who says staff can login and watch pre-recorded videos of sign language lessons at any time of the day or night- a great thing for those working nightshift.

Jenna’s thoughtfulness and dedication behind the initiative is just one of the reasons we love having her as one of Our People.