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Lifesaving App set for 2018 rollout

July 3, 2017 | in Community News

A lifesaving smartphone app that alerts trusted responders to patients in cardiac arrest will be rolled out throughout Victoria next year.

Ambulance Victoria has partnered with the UK supplier GoodSAM to provide a smartphone app that dispatches ‘trusted responders’ to patients in cardiac arrest.

How the system works is that following a Triple Zero (000) call, the app alerts nearby trusted responders to cardiac arrest incidents.

These trusted responders would be given the location of the patient, and sent to provide immediate CPR and potentially defibrillate the patient.

Phase 1 of the project requires people to register automated external defibrillators (AEDS) across the state to ensure when GoodSAM is activated, the database of AEDS can be matched and first responders

“This advanced technology will be linked to Triple Zero (000) calls for the most time-critical medical emergencies,” Ambulance Victoria Chief Executive Officer Tony Walker said.

“This innovative approach has saved lives in other parts of the world, and we want it to do the same in Victoria.”

Mr Walker said the closest available ambulance would be simultaneously sent to these patients and in some parts of the state the fire brigade would also be dispatched.

“GoodSAM is not a replacement for an ambulance response to cardiac arrest but is in addition to the response. We know when someone is in cardiac arrest that every second counts.”

“Early effective CPR greatly improves a cardiac arrest patient’s chance of survival. Quick intervention is the key to survival.”

“We have just recorded our best ever cardiac arrest survival rates and we are confident this technology will save many more lives.”

“This app has been operating in London for more than a year and is being taken up by other ambulance services in the UK and internationally,” Mr Walker said.

Mr Walker said ‘trusted responders’ could include off-duty paramedics, medical professionals, other emergency responders, as well as members of the public with appropriate first aid training.

This type of technology can pinpoint the location of ‘trusted responders’ who have downloaded the app on to their phone and identify when they are near a patient.

In some cases they may also send a responder to fetch an automated external defibrillator and take it directly to the patient.

Mr Walker said Ambulance Victoria would work closely with GoodSAM in the coming months ahead to prepare a rollout across the state in early 2018.

More details on GoodSAM can be found at

Become a Responder

Ambulance Victoria will begin recruiting responders in late 2017.

You can pre-register using the form below.

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Register My AED

To save lives through the GoodSAM App, we need to know the location of life-saving automated external defibrillators (AEDs). If you have a defibrillator, please ensure it is registered.