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Celebrating the difference our paramedics make

July 8, 2024 | in News

To mark this year’s International Paramedics Day, Ambulance Victoria (AV) is highlighting the hard work and care our paramedic workforce delivers every day across a variety of roles.

International Paramedics Day seeks to recognise the vital and ongoing work of paramedics and first responders right round the world and is celebrated this year on Monday, 8 July.

AV Paramedics and First Responders respond to more than one million incidents in Victoria each year.

To meet this huge demand and deliver Best Care to communities, we have a highly skilled and diverse workforce which fills a number of specialised roles across the organisation.

This year’s theme is The Difference We Make, highlighting the profound impact paramedics make every day.

A handful of our valued people, Sam, King and Sarah shared more about their work at AV and their motivation to give back to the community.


A man in a blue uniform standing in front of a ambulance branch building.

Alternate Services Lead, MICA Paramedic Sam Peart.

Alternate Services Lead, MICA Paramedic Sam Peart

Sam is an Alternate Services Lead, helping to uplift and promote the alternative care pathways Victorians can use when they need care.

Sam said he’s been a Paramedic for 11 years now.

“I love my job – it comes with its own set of unique stresses, but it has so many rewards,” he said.

“I work with such amazing people, which makes it so fulfilling and I couldn’t imagine doing it without the incredible colleagues and friends beside me.

Sam has been a highly skilled Mobile Intensive Care Ambulance (MICA) Paramedic for about six years now.

“As the profession has evolved, we’ve gained incredible skills that allow us to perform pre-hospital procedures that previously could only be done in an emergency department or intensive care unit.”

“The role of a MICA paramedic also involves providing support and education to our colleagues, which I really enjoy. Being able to educate and help develop the skills of those around me is incredibly rewarding.”

“The privilege of being able to save someone’s life is something I reflect on from time to time.

“It’s incredibly special to know that we can make such a profound impact, not just on the patient and ourselves, but also on their family, friends, and everyone who knows them.”


A man in blue uniform standing in front of ambulances inside a garage.

Graduate Paramedic Inductee King Tung Choi.

Graduate Paramedic Inductee King Tung Choi

King was born and raised in Hong Kong and was first exposed to paramedicine at 12 years old, when he joined Hong Kong St John Ambulance as a cadet.

“From a young age, I always wanted to work in healthcare and care for people,” King said.

“I find that I’m good at reassuring people during times of difficulty.”

King moved back and forth between Melbourne and Hong Kong, completing studies in nursing and volunteering for St John Ambulance before permanently relocating to Melbourne.

“I completed a graduate diploma in paramedicine and successfully secured a position at Ambulance Victoria, which was an amazing personal achievement,” he said.

“The process at AV is highly competitive and I’m proud that my hard work and perseverance paid off.”

King is currently undertaking his four-week induction for AV before joining crews on-road as a paramedic.

“I love Melbourne, its diversity, and the fact that it’s a wonderful place to raise my family,” he said.

“In preparation for my graduate paramedic role, I’ve been keenly learning from professionals across AV, and it’s been fantastic to hear and learn about their experiences.”


A female in a black and red uniform standing in front of a helicopter inside a hangar.

MICA Flight Paramedic Sarah Hirons.

MICA Flight Paramedic Sarah Hirons

Sarah started her Paramedic career 20 years ago and has been working in her current role as a MICA Flight Paramedic for five years.

“In my role I work as part of the team that primarily supports rural and regional communities across Victoria,” she said.

“We transport and provide advanced care to patients needing emergency care to metropolitan areas, often to the major trauma and cardiac hospitals.”

Sarah said she loves her role because it presents daily challenges and provide continuous opportunities for growth.

“Combining my work as a MICA paramedic with aviation, search and rescue, and secondary retrieval has certainly added new layers of complexity and challenge to the role,” she said.

“I love my job, especially the teamwork – working with pilots and aircrew officers is a unique experience.

“I also enjoy working with the broader emergency service and medical teams as well as the paramedics spread across the state, as well as the diverse patients we encounter.

“I feel it’s a huge privilege to work with such a diverse group of people.”

Five years ago, Sarah and her colleague, Michaela became the first women to perform the MICA Flight Paramedic role at AV.

“When I started in my career 20 years ago, I held the MICA Flight Paramedic role in high regard and know it was what I wanted to work towards,” Sarah said.

“As my career progresses, I get so much satisfaction from supporting the younger generation of paramedics, particularly women who enter the profession.”

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