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Celebrating AV’s Motorcycle Paramedics

June 21, 2024 | in News

Ambulance Victoria (AV) is celebrating its highly trained Motorcycle Unit in recognition of World Motorcycle Day on 21 June.

Two paramedics riding motorcycles on a busy street, patrolling the area with focused determination.

Motorcycle Paramedics responding to an incident.

Specialist Resources Manager Joshua Tait said Motorcycle Paramedics are an important response capability that allows paramedics to quickly reach people in an emergency.

“Motorcycle Paramedics can safely manoeuvre through traffic faster than a road ambulance, which allows us to reach patients sometimes minutes earlier in an emergency,” Joshua said.

“They can also access places that cars can’t – they can use bike paths and footbridges and can access pedestrian areas such as Federation Square, Flinders Street walkway, and Bourke Street.”

The BMW GS850 motorcycles are specifically designed for emergency services.

Two paramedics riding motorcycles on a city street.

The bikes are custom-made for emergency services.

The custom motorcycles are equipped with emergency beacons, emergency siren, two-way radio communication, and panniers (containers on the side of the motorcycle) that hold life-saving medical equipment.

“The bikes carry modified versions of the equipment found on an ambulance, including an automated external defibrillator, medication, airway equipment, and trauma management supplies,” Joshua said.

A paramedics kneeling next to a motorcycle on the ground and arranging his gear and medication in a bag.

The bikes carry modified versions of the equipment found on an ambulance.

Motorcycle Paramedic Geoff Briggs said it has been a privilege to work in the unit for the past 12 years.

“It’s amazing to combine the job I love doing with my favourite pastime which is riding motorbikes,” he said.

“Back when I joined Ambulance Victoria 21 years ago, I never thought this unit would exist.”

A paramedic riding a motorcycle and cruising down the road.

Motorcycle Paramedic Geoff Briggs has worked in the unit for the past 12 years.

AV first trialled motorcycle response in 2011 and formally implemented the use of motorcycles in 2015.

Motorcycle Paramedics attend special events across the state including New Year’s Eve and sporting and charity events such as the Melbourne Marathon, Around the Bay, and Run for the Kids.

They respond to all kind of cases and each year attend more than 3000 calls.