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Recommendation 40: Updating and strengthening governance documents

The recommendation

Ambulance Victoria should review key corporate documents to ensure explicit, consistent and strong statements of commitment to and shared responsibility for workplace equality and safety that underpins other corporate priorities (see Recommendation 10). Priority should be given to updating:

  1. the Board charter and/or governance policy
  2. Board committee terms of reference
  3. core corporate governance frameworks and policies.

Such statements should be included in the new Strategic Plan and future annual reports.

What we are doing

  • Identify and amend key governance documents to ensure strong statements of commitment to workplace equality and communicate changes to the organisation, once Board has endorsed
  • Capture the requirement to reflect the statements in future Strategic Plans, in appropriate planning documents and in future annual reports

Where we are up to


  • On 28 July 2022, AV will release Safe Fair Inclusive: Your AV Roadmap 2022-27 – our official response to the final report of the Victorian Equal Opportunity & Human Rights Commission and our roadmap for the future. The roadmap includes statements of commitment to the creation of a safe, fair and inclusive organisation from the Board, the CEO and each member of the Executive Committee.
  • AV has begun initial work to identify key governance documents that should be amended to ensure strong statements of commitment to creating a safe, fair and inclusive organisation, aligned with each of these statements.


To be confirmed

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