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Recommendation 12: Supporting robust governance and oversight of reforms

The recommendation

Ambulance Victoria should, three months of the publication of Volume II of the final report, establish a Steering Committee that:

  1. monitors and oversees the implementation of the Commission’s recommendations and organisational reforms as a whole
  2. consists of a range of internal and external representatives from the Executive Committee, the workforce, unions and professional associations, the Department of Health and subject matter experts.

What we are doing

  • Establish Terms of Reference and operating model for a Steering Committee and a Staff Reference Group, identify and invite members, convene regular meetings and regularly communicate meeting outcomes

Where we are up to

  • In early 2022, AV set up an Equality & Workplace Reform Staff Reference Group (SRG) to represent the voice of the workforce, performing a critical role in helping to shape the way we approach the reforms to create a safe, fair and inclusive organisation. Chaired by the Executive Director, Equality & Workplace Reform, the 14 members of the SRG have met monthly since March 2022. Five members also sit as SRG representatives on the Equality & Workplace Reform Steering Committee (see below), and all SRG members have played a broader leadership role championing the reforms and supporting other employees and first responders to contribute to the reforms.
  • In late 2021, AV established the Equality & Workplace Reform Steering Committee, an advisory group that provides expert advice to the CEO and AV’s Equality & Workplace Reform Program Control Board (PCB) to support creation of a safe, fair and inclusive AV. Comprised of external experts, union representatives, and SRG and other AV representatives, the committee has met monthly since January 2022 (except for February and March).
  • AV shares communiques after each meeting of the SRG and the Steering Committee, describing the key issues and outcomes. From July/August 2022, these communiques will be publicly available on AV’s external website, in addition to being available on AV’s intranet.
  • In late 2021, AV set up a PCB, chaired by the CEO and comprised of key Executive Committee members, to govern the strategic planning, implementation and embedding of the whole program of reforms to create a safe, fair and inclusive AV. The PCB also serves as both the escalation point for the Pillar Governance Committees and as a conduit between the Steering Committee, the SRG and the Board. With the establishment of the Pillar Governance Committees, AV is transitioning the PCB to monthly meetings.
  • AV is currently setting up six Pillar Governance Committees to provide traditional project governance across projects within the six identified focus areas of safety, leadership development and values, governance and accountability, flexibility, diversity and inclusion, and complaints. Each committee is responsible for managing risk, resolving issues, coordinating dependencies and decision making as required to facilitate successful project delivery.


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