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Recommendation 7: Resetting and embedding organisational values

The recommendation

Ambulance Victoria should:

  1. adopt a new set of organisational values to guide and prioritise appropriate behaviour in a modern, professional and inclusive ambulance service
  2. co-design its new organisational values with representatives of the organisation’s workforce, with input from key partners, including the relevant unions and professional associations, the Department of Health and service users
  3. publish a draft of its proposed new organisational values, invite internal and external feedback on the adequacy of those values and actively consider any feedback provided
  4. develop a comprehensive plan to communicate and embed the new values across the employment lifecycle, from recruiting individuals who can show they are aligned with the organisation’s values through to making adherence with the organisational values a relevant consideration in decisions related to termination
  5. ensure accountability for demonstrating values-driven behaviour, including at a minimum through mandated performance metrics in individual performance development plans.

What we are doing

  • Co-design a new set of organisational values and seek internal and external feedback
  • Develop and implement a plan to embed the new organisational values
  • Hold each other accountable for values-driven behaviour, including via mandatory Key Performance Indicators in performance plans

Where we are up to

  • AV has undertaken initial planning and preparatory work to engage a consultant to lead the co-design of AV’s new organisational values. The consultant will also be asked to develop an implementation plan to embed those new values.


To be confirmed

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