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Recommendation 1: Learning through reflective practice

The recommendation

  1. Ambulance Victoria’s Chief Executive Officer should, as soon as practicable following the publication of Volume I of this final report:
    1. arrange for the Executive Committee to participate in a reflective practice workshop on the learnings from the Independent review into workplace equality in Ambulance Victoria, led by an independent and suitably skilled facilitator
    2. together with the Executive Committee, develop and implement a plan to support all senior leaders and managers to engage in reflective practice discussions with their respective teams.
  2. Ambulance Victoria should embed reflective practice into its forthcoming program of work to implement the recommendations in this final report.

What we are doing

  • Define our approach to reflective practice
  • Support our people to engage in reflective practice discussions on the learnings from the review
  • Embed reflective practice to enable continual improvement as we implement reforms and share learnings

Where we are up to

  • The Executive Committee and over 60 senior leaders participated in reflective practice workshops following the release of Volume 1 of the final report of the Victorian Equal Opportunity & Human Rights Commission in late 2021. This enabled those leaders to listen and connect with the experiences of AV’s workforce.
  • In mid-2022, AV engaged an expert to develop a framework to support regular and ongoing reflective practice at a Board and organisational level, to enable reflection on the key drivers of unlawful and harmful workplace conduct in AV, sense-making related to the Commission’s findings and ownership of new ways of working to ensure a safe, fair and inclusive organisation going forward. In addition to starting work to deliver the framework, the consultant is preparing to facilitate individual director and joint Board discussions to enable reflective practice. Going forward, AV will use this same framework to ensure alignment between reflective practice undertaken at a Board and organisational level. AV will also consider how to use the framework to embed reflective practice into our program of work to implement the Commission’s recommendations once key staff are recruited.


To be confirmed

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