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Recommendation 26: Disrupting harmful stereotypes

The recommendation

As part of its efforts to reset and embed organisational values, as required by Recommendation 7, and ongoing efforts to embed workplace equality, Ambulance Victoria should seek to proactively disrupt harmful stereotypical views and:

  1. build a new organisational vision concerning the expertise, capabilities and personal attributes that are needed to succeed in any role and at any level of the organisation
  2. send a clear message about the value it attaches to all cohorts and roles within the organisation.

What we are doing

  • Prioritise conscious inclusion throughout the recruitment lifecycle to diversity the workforce (R27)
  • Expand organisational photo library to include greater number of images of corporate staff and staff from diverse backgrounds and encourage regular use of imagery depicting all cohorts within the workforce
  • Seek to create a consensus view regarding common skills, capabilities and attributes needed to succeed at Ambulance Victoria and regularly celebrate and give visibility to excellence across all of them
  • Develop a communications guideline to set the standard for inclusive and respectful language
  • Explore with the Minister’s Office and the Department of Health opportunities to externally promote the use of inclusive language that gives visibility to all workforce cohorts

Where we are up to


  • See Recommendation 27 regarding AV’s progress in prioritising conscious inclusion throughout the recruitment lifecycle.
  • A planned photo shoot to expand AV’s photo library to include more diversity has had to be put on hold due to AV ceasing non-emergency related activities because of current risks and pressures related to COVID-19. This work will recommence when it is safe and appropriate to do so.
  • Work to reset AV’s organisational values, pursuant to Recommendation 7, will include a focus on identifying common skills, capabilities and attributes needed to succeed at AV.


To be confirmed

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