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Thank you

Dear Victorians,

We are immensely proud to serve you, our community.

We feel even prouder to be part of a community who over the last week stood up, spoke up and showed unwavering support for your ambulance service.

We know that the recent stories about the attacks on paramedics by the patients they are trying to help, families they are there to support, or bystanders who are close by, have confronted many of you – and have even come as a surprise.

Sadly, these stories are not a surprise to us.

The reality is that every 50 hours, a paramedic is assaulted in Victoria.

We come to work to help you in your time of need. We don’t expect to face violence while we’re doing our job.

Over the last two weeks you told us that violence against paramedics is not what you expect either…nor is it what you are prepared to accept.

We have been heartened by your extraordinary reaction that sends a very strong message that it is never OK to attack a paramedic.

Violence affects more than just the victim of an attack. It affects their family and friends, their colleagues and their community. It affects us all.

For your incredible show of support, we say thank you.

You know we’ve always got your back. It’s so nice to know you have ours too.

From all of us at Ambulance Victoria.