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Fiona’s Story

Like a lot of people, Fiona thought Ambulance costs were covered by her private health fund. But when she first had to call Ambulance Victoria, she received a bill for almost $1000 which was a shock.

My son Charlie has anaphylaxis, so we were prepared with top-level private health insurance. One day the inevitable happened and we had to call 000 after something he ate caused him to have an anaphylactic reaction. The ambos were great and we were rushed to hospital.

A couple of weeks later I received the bill from Ambulance Victoria and I called my health fund. They refused to pay our ambulance bill. I made sure that my family signed up directly with Ambulance Victoria from that date onwards.

I would never be without Ambulance Victoria Membership for my family and we’ve called upon the service twice since the first incident – each time the paramedics have been amazing and I haven’t had to worry about the bill; it’s complete peace of mind.

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Ambulance Victoria membership ensures you are fully covered should you need to access ambulance services Australia-wide.

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