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Recommendation 23: Supporting the effective delivery of reporting and complaint reforms

The recommendation

Ambulance Victoria should establish an Expert Advisory Group to:

  1. provide advice and support on the implementation of reforms to its report and complaint system, including key developments such as establishing self-resolution and informal reporting processes
  2. support the development of revised procedures and processes to ensure their continued alignment and with leading practice
  3. be comprised of subject matter experts in complaint handling, unlawful conduct and/or restorative practices, as well as nominated representatives from relevant unions and the workforce.

What we are doing

  • Establish Terms of Reference and operating model for an Expert Advisory Group, identify and invite members, convene regular meetings and regularly communicate meeting outcomes

Where we are up to


  • Ambulance Victoria has advanced the design of its Expert Advisory Group and identified potential experts to join the group, to support the design, development and implementation of the Professional Standards & Behaviours Department. We are considering how such a group might best support the complaints reforms at this stage of the process.


  • AV has progressed work on a draft Terms of Reference and a proposed operating model for an Expert Advisory Group, which will provide expert advice to support the creation of a victim-centred and fair report and complaint system.
  • AV has begun to identify potential experts with the specialist capabilities needed for an effective Expert Advisory Group.


Q2 FY24

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