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Recommendation 24: Enhancing accountability of the report and complaint system

The recommendation

Ambulance Victoria should revise the Terms of Reference of the Professional Conduct Committee to:

  1. ensure a unified approach to data collection and analysis of the handling of reports and complaints
  2. regularly review reports and complaints data to identify patterns, trends, systemic issues and measures to continuously improve efforts to prevent and respond to unlawful conduct
  3. monitor the performance of the report and complaint system against a range of benchmarks, including timeliness, quality and satisfaction.

What we are doing

  • Determine the precise steps to be taken subject to the proposed design of the new report and complaint system

Where we are up to


  • Since the release of the final report of the Independent review into workplace equality in Ambulance Victoria, Ambulance Victoria has reported complaints data monthly to the Board. As qualitative and quantitative measures for the new Professional Standards & Behaviours Department are settled, the Board will regularly review complaints data and monitor the performance of the complaint system against the agreed measures. Within Ambulance Victoria, the Complaints Pillar Governance Committee, responsible for overseeing the complaints reforms, will have initial oversight of complaints data until the appropriate governance body is determined.


  • AV will start work to enhance the accountability of the report and complaint system once key staff are recruited and other foundational work is progressed.


To be confirmed

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