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Recommendation 16: Embedding a victim-centred approach to processes and procedures

The recommendation

Ambulance Victoria should amend and consolidate its complaint handling policies and procedures into a single policy that, at a minimum, covers:

  1. a comprehensive list of how, where and to whom a complaint can be made, including the available internal and external reporting options
  2. information about the availability and role of support services
  3. the multiple options available to resolve a report or complaint, from informal resolutions through to formal reports and complaints
  4. how a complaint will be managed, the steps involved, the roles and responsibilities of key staff and service standards that clearly set out what to expect
  5. the range of outcomes that may be achieved
  6. guidance about when a complaint will be immediately escalated to a formal complaint process or referred to an external agency, such as Victoria Police
  7. guidance on when internal and external investigators may be appropriate, including for complaints about senior staff member
  8. how information will be recorded or taken and the confidentiality safeguards in place
  9. information about victimisation, including a clear statement that it is unlawful
  10. how the performance of report and complaint system will be monitored.

What we are doing

  • Amend and consolidate Ambulance Victoria’s complaint handling policies and procedures into a single policy

Where we are up to


  • Supported by a newly appointed Senior Manager, Investigations and Senior Investigator who both commenced in March 2023, AV has started work to review, amend, consolidate and update our complaint handling policies and procedures. This will include considering our approach to developing a single complaint handling policy and procedure.​


  • As part of establishing the Professional Standards & Behaviours Department, Ambulance Victoria has started to consider its approach to developing a single complaint handling policy and procedure. Some of the work undertaken to date includes:
    • Monitoring and seeking advice on recent legislative changes and emerging leading practice that will impact the new policy and procedure.
    • Developing a policy position on the use of confidentiality clauses (also known as non-disclosure agreements) in settlement agreements.
    • Researching leading qualitative and quantitative measures so we will be able to assess whether the Professional Standards & Behaviours Department is responding effectively to complaints, including that our people have an improved experience, are not re-traumatised and are appropriately supported throughout the complaints process.


  • AV will start work to amend and consolidate our complaint handling policies and procedures into a single policy once key staff are recruited and other foundational work is progressed.


Q1 FY24

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