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Recommendation 41: Board learning through reflective practice

The recommendation

The Ambulance Victoria Board should undertake a reflective, facilitated workshop to review and discuss how the drivers of discrimination, sexual harassment, bullying and victimisation identified in this report:

  1. have shaped workforce equality experience in practice and Board governance and oversight of this issue
  2. are likely to influence implementation of reforms and continual improvement
  3. may affect other, interdependent aspects of organisational performance.

Such reflective practice should be built into regular, annual strategic reviews at the Board and Executive Committee level.

What we are doing

  • Engage a provider to develop reflective practice methodology and facilitate reflective practice workshop for the Board

Where we are up to

  • In mid-2022, AV engaged an expert to develop a framework to support regular and ongoing reflective practice at a Board and organisational level, to enable reflection on the key drivers of unlawful and harmful workplace conduct in AV, sense-making related to the Commission’s findings and ownership of new ways of working to ensure a safe, fair and inclusive organisation going forward.
  • In addition to starting work to deliver the framework, the consultant is preparing to facilitate a number of individual discussions and joint Board workshops to enable reflective practice.


To be confirmed

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