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About the Series

Ambulance Victoria agreed to be involved in the Paramedics TV Series to help the community better understand when to use their ambulance service and what to expect when paramedics arrive to treat them. The Series helps us educate the community about important health information.

The wellbeing and safety of our patients is at the centre of everything we do and we are committed to protecting their privacy

Paramedics could not exist without the many patients who were willing to share their stories within these episodes. We are extremely grateful to them for allowing us to use real moments from their real lives – some of them the toughest they’ve ever faced – to highlight important health messages.

Ambulance Victoria and production company WTFN worked closely together in the production of Paramedics, with WTFN filming with a team of 16 paramedics over 5 months.

Protocols were put in place between Ambulance Victoria and WTFN to ensure privacy issues were considered during all stages of production.

When paramedics arrived at a scene, they advised the patient and any bystanders, including family members and friends of the patient, that a film crew was travelling with them. Any request for the cameras to be turned off was immediately complied with and the film crew exited the scene.

Ambulance Victoria then followed up with patients and their families at an appropriate time in their recovery to discuss the show, and to seek informed, signed consent to appear in the Series.

A small number of stories featured in the Series include patients who have been de-identified for anonymity. Ambulance Victoria worked with the production company to ensure that the process to de-identify such patients was fair and reasonable and ensured patient privacy was maintained.

No footage that identifies a patient is broadcast without patient consent.If you have any further questions about the Series, please email