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50 Years of MICA

Mobile intensive care ambulance in Victoria

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Mobile Intensive care ambulance

Australia’s first Mobile Intensive Care Ambulance service, and only the third in the world, commenced operations in Melbourne on 9 September 1971. The advent of MICA brought coronary care and intensive care into the streets, homes and workplaces of Victorians who needed urgent medical help. Rather than rushing patients to hospital, MICA brought hospital level care to them with ambulance officers able to provide ground-breaking treatment such as defibrillation for patients in cardiac arrest. The skills, training and clinical expertise of all Victorian paramedics, including Advanced Life Support (ALS) paramedics, had their foundations in the early days of MICA.

MICA: Mobile Intensive Care Ambulance in Victoria, the First 50 Years, captures the rich history of MICA and how it has helped Ambulance Victoria save countless lives and provide an exceptional patient experience for five decades.

Early mobile intensive care ambulance prototype.

Pg. 30

“Dr Graeme Sloman and John Blosfelds at an early MICA graduation.”

Pg. 40

“Early MICA paramedics attending a case. After cases, they would debrief.

Pg. 62

“Andrea Wyatt became the first female MICA paramedic.

Pg. 87

Celebrating the anniversary

“The 50th anniversary is a great opportunity to celebrate the development and current role of MICA paramedics. They go to our most critically ill patients, they save a huge number of lives every year.

I’ve always found, when I’ve had the privilege of travelling along with them, that they’re so professional, so careful with the management of patients, and with all those lives saved, I think it’s been a great system that Victoria has had, so it should be a great cause for celebration, the 50 years.”

Professor Stephen Bernard
Former Medical Director, Ambulance Victoria

“I think we all stand on shoulders of giants of those MICA people that went before us. And I hope one day that someone might say the same thing about me, that perhaps I helped them get onto MICA or helped them endeavour towards MICA.”

Glenice Winter
Clinical Support Officer, MICA Paramedic since 2002

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