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Recommendation 18: Developing resources to support accessibility of the report and complaint system

The recommendation

Ambulance Victoria should:

  1. develop information guides and fact sheets that clearly outline:
    1. the internal and external pathways to make a complaint
    2. the support services available to all those involved in report and complaint processes, including complainants, respondents and witnesses
    3. what complainants, respondents and witnesses involved in a complaint process should expect, such as timeframes, what information they will receive, expected standards of service and how their information will be handled
    4. the outcomes available through a report or complaint process.
  2. ensure that the information guides and fact sheets are available across workplaces, including electronically and as physical hard copies, and updated annually.

What we are doing

  • Develop information guides and fact sheets on the new reports and complaints model
  • Publish and share the information guides and fact sheets widely and update them annually

Where we are up to


  • AV will start work to develop resources to support the accessibility of the Professional Standards and Behaviours Department once key staff are recruited and other foundational work is progressed.


To be confirmed

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