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The people behind the lights and sirens

August 24, 2020 | in Community News

We’re taking you behind the lights and sirens to meet some of the awesome characters here at AV.

Levi, Paramedic and GoodSAM Champion

Monday 24 August, 2020

Earlier in life, I was once studying toward a career in jazz musicianship. Since being asked to stay home, I’ve found the time to dust off my trumpet (it literally had dust on it) and begin practicing again. I’m sure I’m not alone in picking up an old hobby during these restrictions!

My proudest achievement? Without a doubt this was when I qualified as a paramedic with Ambulance Victoria. As any graduate paramedic will attest to, it’s a gruelling process and I sincerely thank my clinical instructors and the entire team back where I first began my career in Horsham almost six years ago. Career highlights since have included undertaking the Wilderness Response Paramedic course, championing the GoodSAM program and transferring to Geelong.

The first person to come to mind when I’m asked who has been most influential in shaping my life is my Mum, Daisy. I have truly never seen my Mum falter or fall. In 2008 when my Dad had a major stroke, Mum single-handedly raised five of us children all the while assisting Dad with his rehabilitation and his eventual transition back home. She’s rock-steady and always on hand when I need advice (even at 28 years old!).

If I have a message for you Victoria, it’s to be kind to each other. This pandemic is exhausting, but together we’ll get through it.

Tim, Senior Team Manager, Gisborne.

Thursday 13 August

I think anyone who works in healthcare has a passion to assist people in their time of need, and I’ve been no different in my 20 year career so far. Being a paramedic means that you’re challenged every day, with every event you attend. The increase of skills and practice over my career continues to evolve, and knowing you’re able to use these skills always gives me a sense of pride and achievement.

Time away from work is just as important. Balance of work and life is where moments are shared, with great rewards. Time spent with my wife and children centres me. Being involved with my children’s activities gives me great pride (although the bones creak a lot more than they once did). I spend a lot of time riding bikes, brewing beer, driving and fixing vintage cars in my old man hat, gardening and attending football games of my beloved Kangaroo’s.

I can’t recall who mentioned this to me, but one quote I have always used is always challenge yourself with new opportunities. My career at Ambulance Victoria has allowed me to follow this and experience a lot of moments that I have been proud of. From first being accepted into the service, becoming a clinical instructor, being involved in the first manual handling coordinator group and watching this program expand, being selected as one of the first six motorcycle paramedics in Victoria, to becoming a Senior Team Manager at Gisborne. The challenges continue with my move into the Loddon Community Engagement Liaison Coordinator role, which presents a brand new challenge in the way we look at emergency healthcare.

It’s been a rewarding career so far, and I am looking forward to the next 20 years.