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Man thanks saviours

October 14, 2019 | in Community News, News, Patient story, Uncategorized

Rodney Smith knew something wasn’t right when he started work at a fuel depot in Wodonga back in January.

He called his wife to pick him up. Before she arrived, he collapsed and went into cardiac arrest.

Rodney’s manager Drew May and colleague Kevin Hansel called Triple Zero (000) and started CPR.

CFA firefighters dispatched as part of Emergency Medical Response (CPR) arrived soon after, closely followed by paramedics.

Rodney was revived and flown by air ambulance helicopter to Melbourne for further treatment.

Senior paramedic team manager Peter Greenall said Rodney’s survival highlights the importance of CPR and someone calling triple zero.

‘In a cardiac arrest, seconds count,’ Mr Greenall said.

‘We want people to know to do three things – Call. Push. Shock. Call Triple Zero. Push hard and fast on the chest. Shock using an Automated External Defibrillator (AED).

The reunion comes in the lead up to World Restart a Heart Day on Wednesday 16th October.

Mr Greenall said first-aid-qualified adults can help to save lives by downloading the GoodSAM Responder app, which alerts responders to a nearby suspected cardiac arrest like Rodney’s, and advises the location of the nearest AED.

We recently expanded GoodSAM, so that any adult with first-aid training can be alerted to a nearby cardiac arrest.

‘Often these volunteer responders reach a patient before paramedics, and their intervention in those early minutes can help save a life,’ Mr Greenall said.

GoodSAM Responders are never alone. An alert is only sent by the Triple Zero (000) call taker once a health emergency is assessed as safe and appropriate for a GoodSAM Responder to assist.