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International Women’s Day

March 8, 2021 | in News

This International Women’s Day, we’re reflecting on the many women who make our world so much better and brighter. 

In the past we’ve also celebrated how far we’ve come toward gender equality, but this year, we’re reflecting on how far we still have to go. 

We are listening, and together with VEOHRC, we’re taking meaningful steps to make our workplace one where every person feels safe, respected and heard. 

The women you’ll learn about today are truly remarkable and they have been honoured by the Council of Ambulance Australasia for the prestigious Women in Ambulance Award.

Julie O’Brien

Julie is known as a leader of change for workplace flexibility and health and wellbeing. 

Health, safety and welfare are always at the forefront of Julie’s values and integrity, having a strong emphasis on equality within the workforce. 

Implementing systems to support her senior teams through times of change, Julie encouraged open and honest conversations about health, safety and well-being; this was especially important through the challenges of the pandemic.

Caitlin Walker

While Caitlin has been working at a senior level for the past decade, she has always been a leader from the moment she began her career with AV. Caitlin’s senior role in leading one of the busiest metropolitan teams through the COVID pandemic did not stop her continuing to mentor her peers. Caitlin represents fairness, equality, and is a highly sought-after mentor and confidant among frontline staff.

Caitlin consistently role models integrity and compassion while centering her leadership approach around paramedics and their overall wellbeing.

Sophie Faulkner

Sophie fulfills a critical role at Ambulance Victoria as an educator, trainer, mentor and guide for many of our newest operational staff, from volunteer First Responders through to student MICA paramedics. Sophie has established an effective program in the face of complex organisational change in addition to moving to working in a new region; it is a credit to her resilience and flexibility.

Sophie has also spent the better part of a year as an Area Manager in the Barwon Region, one of the most senior roles on the frontline.

Michaela Malcolm

Michaela’s career as a paramedic with AV began 16 years ago; today she is one of the first female  MICA Flight Paramedic (MFP) in Victoria. With a focus on patient centered care and on ongoing reflection and learning, Michaela has consistently demonstrated resilience, determination and a work ethic that is second to none.

As a kind and generous colleague, who always has time for a chat, she is passionate about excellent patient care, and devoted to the betterment of others.

Jacinta Roberts

Jacinta Roberts joined Ambulance Victoria in 2002 and has excelled as a practitioner and a leader. Initially filling the role of Executive Assistant to the Director of Human Resources, Jacinta has held a variety of roles across the state supporting the health, safety, wellbeing, and careers of paramedics. 

Today, as a Senior People Partner, Jacinta continues to develop into a highly competent leader who is regularly relied upon by her peers and stakeholders for her HR expertise and her ability to connect with young leaders and provide guidance and mentoring with personal development goals.

Dr Kate Cantwell

Combining her vast knowledge of data and statistics, with her experience as an Intensive Care paramedic, Kate plays a crucial role at AV of monitoring development of automated data and reporting. In Kate’s own words, ‘it sounds nerdy but it’s a vital role that ensures we get you the best emergency health care at the right time’.

Kate has an impressive academic resume with a Master’s degree in Epidemiology and Biostatistics and a PhD in the epidemiology of ambulance demand.

Kate is a strong example of how the connection between research and clinical experience in the paramedicine field inspires change and innovation.