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‘Don’t be a drop kick’ – Paramedics tackle footy fever

September 29, 2016 | in Community News

Ambulance Victoria is urging footy fans to enjoy the biggest day on Australia’s sporting calendar responsibly, as paramedics prepare to tackle their very own blockbuster Grand Final long weekend.

The Grand Final long weekend often results in one of the busiest weekends of the year for paramedics, with revellers taking part in a feast of footy functions or using the public holiday as a chance to get away.

Ambulance Victoria MICA Group Manager Michelle Murphy said extra paramedics and resources would be working on Grand Final day, with Ambulance Victoria expecting an increase in ambulance call-outs on that one day in October.

‘Our message is simple: don’t be a drop kick this Grand Final weekend. Make sure you’re celebrating responsibly, drinking plenty of water and looking out for your mates,’ Ms Murphy said.

‘‘Alcohol is the biggest single cause of substance abuse call-outs for ambulance and we’re expecting more people to be out and about enjoying the celebrations. Hopefully you celebrate responsibly and don’t need us.’

As Victorians prepare to celebrate with barbecues and gatherings at holiday hotspots this long weekend, paramedics are hoping footy fans don’t repeat avoidable incidents which required paramedics last Grand Final day.

On October 3 2015, paramedics were called to a range of incidents, including:

  • A man who became intoxicated and fell on a garden gnome, fracturing his rib.
  • A woman who received burns to her arm and leg after flames from a barbecue were carried by a gust of wind.
  • A man who was drinking at a gathering and dislocated his knee after going to relieve himself behind a shed and slipping on wet decking.
  • A woman who drank approximately six drinks and fainted after standing too close to a barbecue, fracturing her collarbone.
  • A man who climbed a light pole and accidently slid down it, slicing his foot.
  • A man who needed to be hospitalised after he consumed approximately seven drinks at a barbecue and fell over, striking his head on a rock.
  • A man who fractured his leg after he climbed onto a roof after becoming intoxicated and slipped and fell three metres.

Ms Murphy hoped Victorians didn’t need to call Triple Zero (000) this weekend but said if they did, to ensure it was for an emergency.

‘Hopefully Victorians enjoy the long weekend responsibly and don’t need emergency services, however we do expect to be busy,’ Ms Murphy said.

‘We’re anticipating the big workload so we want to remind everyone that Triple Zero (000) is for emergencies and we want to ensure that people who are calling do need an ambulance.’