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Disgraceful attack on paramedics

April 1, 2016 | in Media Releases

Ambulance Victoria paramedics were set upon by three attackers and their ambulance rammed by a car as they were attending a patient in a Reservoir street last night.

An experienced paramedic suffered a suspected broken foot, cuts and bruises after he was kicked, punched and repeatedly knocked to the ground by a man and two women.

His female colleague was also struck to the back of the head as she came to his aid.

The attackers got into a car which drove into the ambulance before speeding off.

Support is being provided to paramedics and police are investigating.

Acting General Manager Emergency Operations Mick Stephenson said Ambulance Victoria would assist police in every way possible.

‘It is disgusting. This is a gutless attack on paramedics as they were in the community going to the aid of a patient,’ Mr Stephenson said.

‘We do not tolerate violence, threats or abuse towards our paramedics and will support our paramedics and police in bringing action against those involved.’