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About the Series

Ambulance Victoria agreed to be involved in Paramedics to help our community better understand when to use their ambulance service, what to expect when paramedics arrive on scene and important community health messages. The television series also supports important community awareness and education campaigns including saving ambulances for emergencies, aggression and violence against health care workers and slowing down to 40 km/h near emergency vehicles.

The wellbeing and safety of our patients is at the centre of everything we do at Ambulance Victoria. We are extremely grateful to the many patients willing to share their stories with Australia to highlight important health issues like asthma management and calling Triple Zero (000) for chest pain. Cases like these will no doubt help save lives.

Production company WTFN filmed with a small team of 13 paramedics over 12 weeks.

When paramedics arrived at a scene, they advised the patient and any bystanders including family members and friends of the patient, that a film crew was travelling with them. Any request for the cameras to be turned off was immediately complied with and the film crew exited the scene.

Ambulance Victoria followed up with patients and their families at an appropriate time to discuss the TV Series, and seek informed, signed consent. Many patients also reunited on camera with the paramedic crews who cared for them, as part of filming the Series.

A small number of patients have been de-identified for anonymity, as their stories are important to educate the community on risks and issues we face every day like drug overdoses and occupational violence.