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Paramedics Thursdays 8.30pm on Channel 9

Our paramedics go to incredible lengths to give our patients the very best care. In a new TV show on Nine, we’re excited for you to come behind the scenes and be part of the work we do every day, and experience the highs and lows of ambulance life. Join our paramedics – on the road an in the air – as we respond to Triple Zero (000) emergencies across Victoria in this 10-part series.

Paramedics airs Thursdays at 8.30pm on Nine.
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Episode resources

Episode synopses and links to topics and wellbeing information shared during the series.

Two paramedics smiling at camera

Episode One

Every second counts as Taz and Amanda treat a swimmer who collapses after leaving a sauna – they must act quickly to prevent a cardiac arrest. Jamie and Mike deliver friendly first-aid to a colourful character having a tough time. Natalie and Leonard find a novel way to lift an elderly patient’s spirits. Matt and his helicopter crew take flight to help a two-year-old girl who’s fallen unconscious and stopped breathing. Watch this episode on 9Now.

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Occupational violence against healthcare workers is never OK I WorkSafe Victoria
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Episode Two

Mark and Carina race to help a critically injured paraglider who’s crashed into a cliff but challenging terrain hinders progress as night closes in. Jamie and Mike struggle to convince a cyclist hit by a car to go to hospital, fearing her adrenaline is masking multiple injuries. A bed bugs case has Nicola and Michelle getting itchy all over, while Taz and Amanda rush to aid a man who’s collapsed in agony at his workplace. Watch this episode on 9Now.

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Episode Three

Mark and Carina race to save a young woman struggling to breathe from a severe asthma attack. Matt airlifts a trauma patient to hospital after a horror car crash. Taz and Amanda find a fun way of deciding who drives the ambulance. Watch this episode on 9Now.

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About the Series

Paramedics is an observational documentary series filmed in Victoria, Australia’s fastest growing population centre. Ambulance Victoria responds to over 800,000 patients every year. In this Series we are privileged to share some of these patients’ stories with you, and give you an insight to the work we do every day. Read more about why we are involved in this Series and how we made it here.

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