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Your questions answered

Since the GoodSAM app launched in Victoria, you’ve asked some great questions as you familiarise yourselves with the system. Here are answers to popular responder questions. For more FAQs, visit the responder hub. If you have a question for us, email goodsam@ambulance.vic.gov.au

Once an alert is accepted, an icon will appear on the map, telling you where the case is located. You can then use the app’s features to navigate to the case, as follows:

  • For iPhone – use the Me icon to then Find A Route On The Map. Further case details are located in the Chat  You can also update your status in the Me tab by selecting On scene, With patient or I have a defibrillator.  These updates will be visible to other GoodSAM responders that may also be responding to the alert.
  • For Android – you will see the icons Me, Comms, Map and More. Once you accept an alert, click the More   This is where the Find A Route On The Map and other status buttons are located.  Case location and further details can be found in the Comms tab.  Unlike iPhone, you do not need to use the Me tab when responding.GoodSAM utilises the dispatch location from the Computer Aided Dispatch system (CAD).  It does not have functionality to show the extra notes that the Triple Zero (000) call taker may have typed onto the case.  This can make finding the exact location of patients difficult at certain locations.
  • The best way to familiarise yourself to all of these settings is to Simulate An Alert from the main map screen.  This will allow you to utilise all of the features and have a good practice, ahead of accepting an alert (note that the Report function is not active during a simulation).

GoodSAM alerts the closest available responders within 400m in metro areas, and 5km in regional and rural areas.

You might receive an alert that seems a long way away when you have been travelling quickly, such as in a car or on a train. If an alert comes to you at this time, you might find it’s for a location near where you have been – rather than where you are right now. An accurate result can also depend on your network reception.

For best results log in to the GoodSAM app, and have it running in the background, so the app can pick up your current location.

In most cases the caller is still on the phone to Triple Zero (000) when the GoodSAM responder arrives.  You can alert the incoming AV crews that you are there by requesting the caller to tell Triple Zero that a GoodSAM responder has arrived on scene.  Crews will then be notified verbally or via their data terminals that you are on scene.

In this instance the case has been downgraded or recoded from the initial case type.  This often happens as the Triple Zero (000) call taker receives further information from the caller, which determines that the case no longer requires a GoodSAM response.  If this occurs prior to you selecting Accept or Reject, you will not receive any case details.  If this occurs after you have accepted the alert, you will receive a cancellation message in the Chat or Comms tab.