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Is your phone ready to receive a GoodSAM alert?

User hints and tips

GoodSAM responders are key to strengthening the chain of survival and improving cardiac arrest survival in Victoria yet many are unaware that they’ve received an alert.

Here are some of our top hints and tips to ensure that you‘re ready when someone urgently needs  your help.

Ensure you are logged into the app!

This may sound simple but data from GoodSAM shows that at least 25% of our verified responders aren’t currently logged into the app. To ensure that you receive an alert, please open the app and check that you’re logged in. You’ll also need to enable location services on your phone so that GoodSAM knows where you are and can trigger an alert if you’re close to a cardiac arrest.

Play siren even when on silent

Many of our cardiac arrest alerts are not seen by GoodSAM responders. We suspect that this is because their phone may be on silent and that they’re unaware of the notification.

To overcome this, we encourage responders to turn on the ‘Play siren even when on silent’ function found in the Me screen. This ensures you’ll still receive an audible alert to a cardiac arrest even if your phone is on silent. You can turn this function off, or log out of the app, if it isn‘t appropriate to receive an alert.

Play Siren

Simulate an alert

Become familiar with how the app works by simulating your own alert in the Around Me screen. This will allow you to explore the functionality of the app, including: how to navigate your way to the scene, where to find case location details, communicating within the app, and where to change other personal settings. We’ve also developed a simple guide to using the app in Victoria which can be found on our website.

Simulate alert

Mark yourself as ‘On scene’

We’d like to highlight the importance of pressing the ‘On scene’ button in the Me (Apple) or More (Android) screen when you arrive at a case and completing a post-event report after the incident. This provides us with essential information that we use to monitor the effectiveness of the program.

On scene