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Our transformational year 2016-2017

The last 12 months have been transformational for Ambulance Victoria, with significant reforms delivering higher levels of service and better patient outcomes.

Ambulance Victoria’s 2016-2017 Annual Report released today shows that a renewed focus on best patient care, workforce safety and stronger community engagement is having a positive impact on the health and survival rate of Victorians.

Significant State Government investment and reforms mean more paramedics and ambulances are available to respond to time-critical emergencies.

This year, 7,000 of our sickest patients received an ambulance faster and emergency health care.

Our Annual Report released today shows significant achievements including:

  • 177 lives saved with Victoria recording its best annual cardiac arrest survival rate
  • Best annual response times in seven years
  • 102,000 non-urgent calls to triple zero were safely given health advice or diverted to other health providers.
  • 5,338 stroke patients taken to a hospital stroke unit within 60 minutes
  • Introduction of 632 powered stretchers has seen stretcher-related injuries reduce from 30-to-12 in 12 months – a 60% drop.

We are now building on the changes we have made in the past year through our new Strategic Plan, which outlines how we will continue this reform and deliver a world-class emergency ambulance service over the next five years.

Ambulance Victoria 2016-2017 Annual Report

Delivering results to achieve better care

2016-17: A Transformational Year

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