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Looking After Others

Mental health is not binary – we are not only mentally ‘well’ or ‘unwell’. Instead, everyone falls somewhere in between, along a continuum – the mental health continuum. Moving back and forward along this continuum is normal and can happen across the month, week, or even in a short moment. Mental health is complex, and even without a mental health diagnosis, someone may not be thriving (or in the ‘green’ zone).

Family members are often the first to notice early changes in mood, thinking and behaviour. If you or your loved one is feeling distress across the orange and red zones, help seeking is highly recommended.

Options for support within Ambulance Victoria can be found here.

If you are worried about how to talk to your loved one about their mental health, these tips may be helpful.

The Mental Health Continuum

Click the image below to view Ambulance Victoria’s Mental Health Continuum chart.