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2017–2018 Delivering transformational, sector-leading initiatives

Transformational, sector-leading initiatives introduced over the past two years have continued to drive improved performance and better patient outcomes across Victoria.

Ambulance Victoria’s 2017–2018 Annual Report reveals that patients in need of emergency care received the fastest paramedic response in almost a decade, with response time improvements recorded across the state.

Ambulance Victoria continued to deliver on the Government’s $500 million investment in our service with the recruitment of 170 additional paramedics and additional resources, such as the opening of six Super Response Centres in Melbourne to provide a more flexible, scalable and mobile workforce.

The Annual Report shows significant highlights including:

  • Improved patient treatment with 97.5 per cent of adults with a suspected stroke transported to specialist care or given access to specialist telemedicine within 60 minutes
  • The introduction of Australia’s first mobile stroke ambulance in partnership with the Royal Melbourne Hospital, the Florey Institute and the Stroke Foundation
  • The launch of the revolutionary GoodSAM Responder smartphone app which alerts nearby registered community responders to a suspected cardiac arrest.
  • A continued organisational focus on reducing occupational violence, including a trial of body-worn cameras and the introduction of ground-breaking virtual reality training for staff
  • Continuation of a comprehensive research program, with 65 active projects including a number of world-leading clinical trials

During the year, AV also commenced a review of its frontline organisational structure to provide enhanced in-field supervision and health and safety for staff to ensure an optimal structure to provide best care to the Victorian community.

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Annual Report 2017 - 2018

Ambulance Victoria 2017-2018 Annual Report Highlights

Paramedics reaching sickest patients faster

Victorians in need of emergency care have received the fastest paramedic response in almost a decade, according to figures released today in the 2017-2018 Ambulance Victoria Annual Report. Read more