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Health insurance may not cover you

Does your Private Health Cover really provide 100% ambulance cover? Many Private Health Funds have significant limitations, exclusions or caps to ambulance cover. Read more

Ambulance Victoria cover is affordable

Can you afford a transport ambulance transport bill? The average cost of an emergency transport is in excess of $1,100. Read more

3 great reasons to join now

It's quick and easy to join

Click on Sign up now, complete your personal details, make a payment today and you will be covered from 5pm tomorrow.

It could save you thousands

Emergency medical transport services are NOT free. Did you know that the average cost of an emergency transport is in excess of $1,100? Is it worth the risk when the cost of membership is less than 25 cents a day?

It supports the community

You will be pleased to know that membership fees contribute to the maintenance and improvement of our ambulance services including paramedic training, upgrades to equipment and vehicles and public education.

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