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The following are our standard fees for the different services we offer. For protection against these fees and total Australia wide ambulance fees, coverage is provided through genuine Ambulance Victoria Membership.

This outlines the costs and related billing charges from transport in an ambulance in Victoria.


Emergency attendance fees - no transport

Metropolitan, Regional and Rural         $481.00


Emergency road transport fees

Emergency cases classified by the Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority as having a final priority of 3 or lower will be charged as emergency transports.

Metropolitan Emergency Road                  $1,115.00

Regional and Rural Emergency Road     $1,645.00


Non-emergency road transport fees 

Please note that where an emergency resource is used to undertake Non-Emergency Patient Transport, cases classified by the Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority as having a final priority of 4 or higher will be charged as non-emergency transports.

All Users Stretcher Clinic Car
Metropolitan Non-Emergency Road $301.00 $99.00
Regional and Rural Non-Emergency Road $509.00 $99.00


Air transport fees

The classification of emergency or non-emergency is not relevant for air transport fees. The type of transport - rotary or fixed wing - determines the fee. Reflecting the cost of service delivery, fees for air transport comprise two components: 1) a fixed charge based on respective usage which is levied separately in advance via a lump sum(s); and 2) a variable charge for each time the air transport is used which is levied per transport.

*For other users of fixed wing aircraft, this is combined into the one variable fee - charged per transport. For other users who use the rotary aircraft, Government has waived the fixed charge.

Air transport fees do not include any road transport associated with the air transport. Road transports a billed separately, as per the fees above.

  TAC DVA VWA Public Hospitals Other users*
Fixed Wing          
Variable charge (per transport) $1,977.00  $1,977.00  $1,977.00  $1,977.00 $4,651.00
Variable charge (per transport) $9,946.00 $9,946.00 $9,946.00 $9,946.00 $9,946.00


All transport fees are GST exclusive.

For Ambulance service charges related to third parties please view the Department of Health Guidelines.

For Ambulance fees in place prior to 1 July 2014 please click here.

A map denoting the metropolitan and regional and rural boundaries is located here. The location is determined by the home base of the responding crew, not the home base of the individual paramedic.

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